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Hi Welly folk,

Come on down and see your favourite fresh produce suppliers and sample from all the wonderful Food Trucks and artisan vendors.

Now what’s happening this Sunday 1st October 2017?

Weather looking ok. Bring on summer I say.


– BeYOUtiful Young enterprise group will be here with their bagels.
– Wellington City Chorus running our Car Park.
– Knife Sharpening Services are here. Bring your blades.
– Trampolines for the kids.


– Mitchell Kirk 9am
– Nick & Aida 11am


Big Ape Kombucha are back.

– Have you tried
– “Hot Wafel”
– “Dutchys ”
– “JK’s Fresh Juice”
– “Waikanae Butchery”

We continue to try and minimise plastic bag use. Remember we sell reusuable market bags for just $3! Come and ask at the market kiosk and start something you wish to continue.
Best you do.

See you on Sunday at Harbourside Market.


Hi Welly folk,
Firstly a heads up about whats happening next Sunday 2nd July 2017.
The “Lions” and their Barmy Army will be in town and our produce area will be taken over by 60+ campervans.
Never fear, Harbourside Market will always go on!
Your favourite fresh fruit and vege vendors will be relocated around the beautiful harbour. Access the waterfront on foot through Barnett Street end as usual or via the Taranaki Street Wharf entrance between Circa Theatre and Macs Brewbar.
There will be no market parking available on this day so I suggest you park a couple of blocks away and walk.

Now Whats happening this Sunday 25th June 2017?

No marathon, so back to normal up the north promenade.

Days looking pretty good again weather wise. Come and enjoy.


– Bubblebusters Dive Club are doing their monthly harbour clean up. Check out what they have collected for our harbour in the last few months. Doing a great job.

– Basketball Hoopnation running our Car Park again.

– Both ACT Party and Green Party will be onsite to lend their ears.


– Ty Leggett 9am
– Stringbean Puppets 11am


Big Ape Kombucha and Forest Lake Limes are back.

– Have you tried
– “Stewart Island Smoked Salmon”
– “Henrys Poultry Free Range Eggs”
– “JK’s Fresh Juice”
– “Grill Republic Filipino Food”

We continue to try and minimise plastic bag use. Remember we sell reusuable market bags for just $3! Come and ask at the market kiosk and start something you wish to continue.
Best you do.

See you on Sunday at Harbourside Market.

The place to be!!


This Sunday June 4th 2017 we have

– Nick Main 9am
– Rhysonic 11am


– Have you tried…
– Everything?….

Best you do.


– Arbor Day/World Environment
Free native plants for the first 100 kids
– Knife Edge Sharpening
Bring in your blunt knives, scissors, secateurs, chisels and Andrew will sort you out.

See you on Sunday at Harbourside Market.
The place to be!!


This Sunday we have

– Ali Whitton 9am
– Andy Gartrell 11am
– Starjam and Taikoza Japanese Drummers 11am by the Ship Propellor


– Have you tried…
– Jianbing Chinese Pancake
– Traceys Nashi Pears
– La Marche Francais cheeses.
– Origin Food Shack
– Chinese Kitchen tofu and noodles
Best you do.


– Community Fruit Harvest
Making good use of excess community fruit.
– Wellington Host Families
Spreading the word about families hosting students. They need more!

See you on Sunday at Harbourside Market.
The place to be!!


Welcome to the New Year.

You’re  in good company. Pretty cool little write up about Harbourside Market





– Stringbean Puppets 9am
– Chris Verrillo 11am
Food – Have you tried…
– Origin Food Earth Bowls
– Cherries still around!
– Nam D Vietnamese pop up!
– Manakau Plums
– Inside Scoop Gelato

Best you do.
This will be the last official market of 2016
XMAS Hours
Sunday 25th December we will be closed completely and
Sunday 1st Jan Sunday there may be a few of your favourites here…
The office and eftpos facility will be closed.
Back to normal Sunday January 8th.
– Wellington Citadel Band 9am
– Ty Leggett 9.30am
– Mbira by Ship Propeller 10.30am
– Rhysonic 11.30am
Food – Have you tried…
– Nitro Coffee
– New season Cherries are here!
– Stoked Wood Fired Sourdough Pizza
– Brazilian Skewer Meaty Goodness
– Cambodian Summer Rolls
– Filipino Pork. Yum
Best you do.
Community – Cookie Time, SPCA, Kaibosh Appeal onsite

This Sunday we have
– Wellington Citadel Band 9am
– Black Spider Stomp 9.30am
– Ty Leggett 11.30am
Food – Have you tried…
– Nitro Coffee
– New season Cherries are here!
– Jainbing Chinese Pancake
– La Marche Francais cheeses
– Garuda Indonesian Food Truck
– Chinese Kitchen tofu and noodles
– 3 Little Birds Jamaican Food.
Best you do.
Community – Cookie Time, Baking Bliss fundraising.

This Sunday we have
– Nathan Laloux 9am
– Andy Gartrell 11am
Food – Have you tried…
– Paella Boys
– Eketahuna Country Meats
– Smoothie Operator
– Grill Republic
– Ninos Fish from the boat.
Best you do.
Community – Kaibosh Food Rescue Heros. Please show your support and get involved with our amazing Food Programme Partner.

This Sunday we have
– Ali Whitton 9am
– Ty Leggett 11am
Food – Have you tried…
– Little Chilean Kitchen
– Hot like a Mexican
– Bordeaux Bakery
– Brahmann
Best you do.
Community – Cadet raffle onsite. Please show your support.

SUNDAY AUGUST 21st 2016. Hi, What a cracker yesterday. Loads of happy market people about.
This Sunday we have
Entertainment – Daniel White 9am
– Ty Leggett 11am
Food – Have you tried…
– Smoking Dutchman
– House of Dumplings
– Paella Boys
– Stoked Wood fired Pizza
Best you do.
Community – SPCA will be fundraising and the Western Bays Street Rodders will have a few of their members cars on display.

SUNDAY APRIL 17th 2016. Hi, Its all on this Sunday.
Entertainment – Stringbean Puppets 9am
– Rhysonic 11am
Food – Eketahuna Country Meats
– 3 Little Birds Jamaican Food
– Le Marche Francais Cheese Heaven
EnvironmentLeading the Charge Electric Road Trip

Come and see 4 participating cars (A Tesla, a Nissan Leaf, a BMW i3, and an Mitsubishi Outlander).

SUNDAY MARCH 27th & APRIL 3rd 2016. Hi All,
For the next 2 Sundays Harbourside Market stretches around Te Papa and along the waterfront. All your favourites will be here but its a bit of a treasure hunt to find them.
Check out the awesome footage below to get an idea of how we will be looking.

See you then.

SUNDAY MARCH 27th & APRIL 3rd 2016. Its that time of year again. Homegrown Music Festival takes over our site for 2 Sundays this year.
As always the Market is still on!! You may not be able to see us from the road but we will be along the waterfront on the other side of Te Papa.
Cash-out will be available as usual from the market kiosk. You can access the market on foot as normal or via the Taranaki St entrance (By Macs Bar)

SUNDAY FEBRUARY 21st 2016. This Sunday the “Cigna Round the Bays Run” is happening which affects Harbourside Market a little. Cable Street is closed to traffic until all the races have passed. This is usually around 9.45am-10am. I suggest you park a few blocks away and walk so you don’t get your vehicle trapped inside.
Other than that Harbourside is cranking along as usual. We have had some great Sundays with beautiful weather and great entertainment etc. This Sunday come and see the Wellington Citadel Band at 8.30am, Ty Leggett at 9.30am followed by Rhysonic at 11.30. Then later up the Northern end of the Promenade you can see Crows Feet Dance Troup at 1pm. Along with all this we have all our usual suspects plus organic Blueberries, Otaki Nashis, Nitro Coffee, Gelato…. The list goes on and on.
See you then.

2016. We are back up and running at full strength give or take a few holiday stragglers. See you all when you next down.

XMAS HOURS 2015. The Market Kiosk will be closed on Sunday December 27th and Sunday January 3rd. There will be no cash out facility on those days but the market will be running, in a somewhat diminished format. Merry Christmas.

SUNDAY NOVEMBER 8th 2015. All go at Harbourside this Sunday. Pest Fest is happening next door in Waitangi Park. Swap a weed for a native plant. Too easy! Xmas Cookies make their first appearance for the year. Scary to think Xmas is just around the corner. Puhoi Valley bring their latest product release to share with the public. Look for the cute Morris Minor Van on the North Promenade.
Barkhad Hot Sauce here again plus some new products to his range.
Performances by Mitchell Kirk and Nick & Ty at 9am & 11am.

SUNDAY NOVEMBER 1st 2015. We have the first of the seasons Hawkes Bay strawberries here! Find them at the Sunray Berries Fruit Ice Cream trailer on the North Promenade.
Also newish stalls up there are House of Dumplings, Camel Grill Egyptian Caravan and Paella Boys.
Performances by Rob Whelan and Pete O’Connell at 9am & 11am.
Need some hot sauce? Who doesn’t… Find Abdu and he will sort you out.

SUNDAY APRIL 26th 2015. Keen to have your fortune told? This Sunday come on down and see MOIRA MACKENZIE – FORTUNE TELLER. A bit of fun.

SUNDAY APRIL 5th 2015. Easter Sunday. Yes we are open. Always open!

SUNDAY MARCH 8th 2015. Busy, busy busy in Wellington. Homegrown Music Festival takes over our site on March 7th 2015. Harbourside Market will be re locating around the harbour side of Te Papa. Business as usual just with sea views!!You may not be able to see us but we will be there.

SUNDAY 7 SEPTEMBER 2014. Happy Fathers Day!! All you fathers at the market this Sunday come to the market kiosk (eftpos shed) for a gift. Just say the magic words ” I love Harbourside Market”

SUNDAY 31 AUGUST 2014. Looking like a good day to visit the market. Actually every Sunday is a good day for that come to think of it! Remember to bring your own bag or buy one of our reusable ones from market kiosk.
Come and see the team from DCM with their yearly fundraiser. Some great food book bargains.

New stalls to Harbourside Market… Grill Republic Filipino Food and Komodo Indonesian Food.


Straight from the Dragons Den come the young business group with their Butterscotch Sauce.
Also with the Election on its way come down and chat to the Greens Party members and have your say.

The Wellington Phoenix players are fussy about what they eat and on Sunday they will be at the Harbourside Market telling the public about their favourite recipes.
From 10am to Noon, Glen Moss, Manny Muscat, Reece Caira, Josh Brindell-South, Lewis Italiano, Kenny Cunningham, Tyler Boyd, Alex Gorrin, Andrew Durante and Matt Ridenton will be spending time meeting fans and handing out recipes.
The club’s nutritionist guides the players when it comes to what they eat, and as professional sportsmen they know how vital it is to follow that advice.
They all have their favourite dishes and they will be sharing them with the fans who can buy the required fresh ingredients at the markets.
It isn’t only recipes the players will be offering. Tickets to the double header in which the Phoenix will play Newcastle United and Sydney FC will meet West Ham United at Westpac Stadium on July 26, along with spot prizes will be given away.
When: Sunday July 6, 10am to 12 noon.

SUNDAY 29th JUNE 2014. Come on down to Harbourside Market this Sunday. Our choice of food offerings is ever growing and we have Pete O’Connell singing and the wonderful volunteers from Wellington SPCA will be onsite with some cute puppies for adoption. See you then.

SUNDAY 25th MAY 2014. Stormy,Stormy,Stormy but we were there. Check out and like our Facebook page. A few interesting videos and photos.

SUNDAY 20th APRIL 2014. We will be open and trading as normal this Easter Sunday. We never close!

SUNDAY 16th MARCH 2014. We will be here, even in a storm. Brave whatever the weather gods bring us and come on down.We never cancel.

SUNDAY 2nd MARCH 2014. Still busy, busy, busy in Wellington. We have the Performance Arcade at the North end of our market this weekend. Pop down and check out this amazing “art” installation. The have a licenced area too.

SUNDAY 23rd FEBRUARY 2014. Still busy, busy, busy in Welllington. AMI Round the Bays Run is on this Sunday so there will be a few road closures. If you cant get in our car park you can still walk across Cable St and enjoy Harbourside Market that way. See you then!!

SUNDAY 16th FEBRUARY 2014. Busy, busy busy in Welllington. Homegrown Music Festival is on February 15th. Harbourside Market will be re locating around the harbour side of Te Papa. Business as usual just with sea views!!

Sunday 26th. World travelling guitarist Peter Pik will be making an appearance 10ish weather depending. Come down for brunch.

WELCOME TO 2014. Harbourside Market is back at full strength for the New Year. Come on down for all your favourites. We look forward to seeing you.

WHATS ON THIS SUNDAY. Plums from Manakau, Cherries from Central Otago.Ice Blocks from the freezer and smooothies.

WHATS ON THIS SUNDAY. Dumplings are back! Crisis averted!. We have a flamenco performance and trampolines for the kids. Should be a cracker day.

PHOENIX FAMILY DAY. Join Wellingtons football team in Waitangi Park this Sunday September 15th. Signings, giveaways, new kit parade. WELLINGTON CITY COUNCIL AND DOC will also be there with their “Pestival” Bring a weed from your garden and they will exchange it for a free native. Sounds easy!

THOROUGHBREAD FOODS. We welcome Rebecca from Thoroughbread Foods on September 1st. She will be bringing her wonderful range of gluten free breads and buns to Harbourside Market.

BUTCHERY ON WHEELS. Well known Waikanae Butchery will be at Harbourside Market this Sunday 28th July with a range of their products for you. Come on down and say hello to Andrew.

NZ GOING DIGITAL. Harbourside Market will have an information caravan from Going Digital onsite this Sunday July 21st. The team will provide information in regard to ensuring a smooth transition for New Zealand television watchers from the analogue transmission signal to a totally digital transmission signal.

SUNDAY 23rd JUNE!!. The Wellington Marathon is happening next Sunday 23rd. There will be brief road closures but traffic marshalls will get you across Cable Street.

WHAT ANOTHER STUNNER!. Harbourside Market was packed to the gunnels this week. Loads of atmosphere, sun, food and entertainment.Lookout for our Bus Art installation May 26th .

WHAT A STUNNER. Harbourside Market was cranking full steam ahead yesterday!. What a beautiful day! Great food, families,friends and buskers. Come on down this week and ask at the kiosk for your special gift. Limited to the first 20 on Sunday 5th May 2013 only.

SUNDAY MARCH 17th. Harbourside Market has both the Kildunne Irish Dance group and Wellington Citadel Brass Band performing for your enjoyment this Sunday.

WE ARE OPEN THIS WEEKEND MARCH 3. Harbourside Market will be operating this weekend but will be disrupted by the Homegrown Music Festival and its infrastructure. We will be set up in 2 sections. All our fruit/vegetable trucks plus some of our hot food/artisan stallholders are positioned further up around the waterfront past our fishing boat. The stallholders closest to Cable St will be in their usual positions. See you Sunday!!

ROUND THE BAYS RUN. We at Harbourside are up and running but staying still! Access to us may be a little difficult this Sunday morning with road closures but we are open.

NEW STALLS. Goose Shack. Haydn is here in a Morris Truck with chargrilled fish and lamb. Sound delicious? It is.

NEW STALLS. Burrito Magic bring their Californian Style Burritos. 3 Little Pigs are smoking up a storm. Fresh Salsa on the way too.

XMAS HOURS. The Market Kiosk will be closed on Sunday December 30th and Sunday January 6th. There will be no cashout facility on those days but the market will be running, in a somewhat diminished format. Merry Christmas.

NEWS. We were here yesterday! Storm running.!
NEWS. New season cherries not far away. Asparagus and strawberries a plenty. Yum
3 Little Pigs and their wonderful smoker have some moreish pulled pork, beef and ribs. Kereru Brewing Co brings their special craft beer range every fortnight. Come down and try. You wont be disappointed.

NEW STALLS. Le Canard Rotisserie free range chickens arrive at Harbourside. Delicious!!
Keep a look out for 3 Little Pigs and their wonderful smoker and smoked meats.
Also Gelissimo Gelato are chasing the sun.

NEWS. Wonderful day yesterday. Great Punch and Judy show for the kids. SPCA Puppies for everyone and food galore.
New stalls make their debut too!
SICHUAN SPICE. Nicey Spicey and
KATES BAIT. Westcoast Whitebait Fritters
NEWS. 18th September was Chile’s National Day.
“Come to the market to celebrate Chilean National day and try some of their traditional food at one of our stalls”
NEWS. Welcome back to La Famiglia coffee and Brazilian Skewers.
NEWS. Look out on August 26th for info about the HANGI available September 2nd. Yum! And a Kapa Haka group.
EVENTS. The popular childrens TV Show What Now is filming in Waitangi Park this Sunday. Bring the kids to check out the fun.
STALL NEWS. Kereru Brewing Co with craft beers. Bordeaux Bakery with wonderful French cheeses.
Saigon Canteen back with us. Santos Churros as yummy as ever.
NEW PRODUCTS FOR YOUR TASTEBUDS. Award winning Olive Oil from Waimarama in Hawkes Bay. Honey from the Waikato. Fish from all over.
NEW STALLS FOR YOUR TASTEBUDS. Yes thats right. Mouthwatering Crepes from Christchurch, Savoury Salmon from Stewart Island, Bacon and Egg Butties from here.!
LOST PROPERTY. We get a number of items handed in each week so if you think you have left something at the market come to the market kiosk and ask. We may have it, if not we can take your details etc.

THE NEW YEAR. The market is back to full strength from January 15th 2012. A few new stalls here to delight you also.
SAFARI BILTONG. Tyler from the Jua Kali African Store brings Safari Biltong to the market. Biltong is a South African inspired dried meat snack.100% NZ Meat is traditionally cured, spiced and air dried over a few days. Come down and try it.
MANAKAU PLUMS. Only here for a few Sundays. Be quick.
CONEY AVOCADOS. Chris comes all the way from Te Puna near Tauranga with his organic/spray free beauties. Avocado Oil available too.
PARAKORE WAI. Max brings his amazing Crystal Valley Water for you to enjoy. Have a chat to him about the history of this product.
SWEET AS POPCORN. Mike, Amanda and Mickey offer their moreish “kettle corn”. If you like it sweet or salty they have got both covered in their yummy snacks.
FRITZ’S WIENERS. Jordan and his team serve up an amazing selection of bavarian style hotdogs. Hot and spicy with sauerkraut and sauces! Delicious. Pretty impressive stall too.

FAB FUDGE ON THE MOVE. Lovely Gail from The Fab Fudge Co sadly has had her last day at the market after 3 years. She is focussing on her other commitments. She will be soorly missed but has promised to return as a customer!

JACKS BAKERY. Jack from Jacks Bakery Newtown brings a range of his products to Harbourside Market. These include breads, raspberry buns, bread rolls, donuts and garlic bread. Some great specials to be had! An enthusiastic baker looking forward to meeting you on Sundays.

GISBORNE CITRUS. Ollie and Matt are back! The boys believe their lemons, oranges and mandarins are the best around. Delivered fresh from Gisborne weekly they have samples for tasting then you decide!

THE NUTMAN. William the nutman is back in town. Hot roasted Chestnuts. Caramalised nuts in bags. All great stuff. Keep a lookout for his interesting new stall soon to arrive!

CARRIES GLUTEN FREE. Caroline brings her gluten free baking delights to the market. Using free range eggs and no GM products in her production systems she is dedicated to improving the range available for the gluten intolerant. Dairy free and vegan goods made too. With 30 years in the food industry she knows what she is doing.

SOUTH AMERICAN FOOD. Nury Olivares has been in the Market for a wee while now with a lovely range of Chilean food. She is getting quite a regular following so come and experience her goods.

LOVAT DOWNS VENISON. John comes all the way from Canterbury with his quality farm raised venison products. Vacuum packed smallgoods and all cuts of venison available. Venison burgers and sausages on the BBQ to fill you up too! They have some lovely North Canterbury smoked Eel as well.

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